Thursday, July 28, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 first Ad hints features . Video

Samsung Korea just released today in Korean the first Galaxy Note 7 ad:

The translation of the captions on the video  are:

Password should be complicated ? 
Good selfie depends on lighting ? 
Foreign language needs a rote memorization ? 
Falling into water means a dead-end ? 5, then 6 ? NO NOTE

The ad starts with  various ways to unlock a phone: fingerprint scanning, lock-screen patterns. 

Suggesting that those tech are old and complicated,and the Note 7 will bring something new :Iris scanner is simple, perhaps?

Then  a young woman lying on a bed is trying to take a sexy selfie with the help of some lighting, showing a  light bulb ,LED holiday lights near her face. Those are old  methods. Could this mean the Note 7 will have a front-facing flash?
Next up, we see someone highlighting words in various old-fashioned, dead-tree books, picking out phrases in Asian scripts and in French, Russian and English. The caption mentions foreign words and memorization. Perhaps those busy highlighter pens mean the Note 7 and its S Pen stylus will include some sort of language feature?
After that we see a very retro rotary phones sinking in a pool, with a caption that, roughly translated, asks "If you drop it in water, you're screwed?" This one's clear: The Note 7 will reportedly come with IP68 certification, which means it'll be dust resistant and that you'll be able -- should you choose -- to safely immerse it in water at a depth of at least one meter, or more than three feet.

Then we get a series of glowing numbers that counts off from zero to 5 along with a caption that asks whether 6 comes after 5. This scene refers to Samsung's decision to skip the number 6 for its next Galaxy Note and go straight to 7 so the numbering is in line with its flagship Galaxy S7 phone.

And finally, the spot ends with someone simply writing the word "No" on a piece of paper, and then adding a "t" and "e" to make "Note." The "no" seems to be answering all the questions posed by the captions. In other words, with Samsung's new device, you won't need complicated passwords or intricate lighting setups. You won't need to memorize stuff. You won't be hosed if your phone takes a swim. And no, 6 doesn't follow 5. Is confirmed by Samsung the next Galaxy Note will be the 7.

"It's different from the rest. It's freedom."

Samsung  will unveil the next Galaxy Note at a launch event in New York City on August 2.


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