Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nexus Angelfish and Swordfish Google`s smartwatches renders and specifications surged.

Nexus Angelfish smartwatch is similar to the LG Urbane LTE in terms of bulk, but we imagine this is to accommodate for a larger battery due to the LTE connectivity featured on the smartwatch  It’s apparently 43.5mm in diameter, making it smaller than the large 46mm Moto 360 but larger than the standard 42mm variant.
In terms of colour options, it seems like the Nexus Angelfish smartwatch may only be available to buy in a single colour, titanium.


The Nexus Swordfish (codename, not official!) looks to be a bit simpler. Described as being similar to the Pebble Time Round without the huge screen bezel in terms of design, Swordfish also sports a different button arrangement when compared to Angelfish.
While Angelfish features three buttons, Swordfish features only one – a crown on the right-hand side of the smartwatch. It’s said to have a polished metal cap with a rigid crown-like bezel similar to that featured on the Apple Watch, which should again help convey the premium look and feel of the smartwatch.
Without the extended functionality of Angelfish, Swordfish can afford to be thinner than its counterpart measuring in at 10.6mm thin. While the thickness of Swordfish is pretty impressive at 0.8mm thinner than the current Moto 360, it’s not quite impressive enough to compete with the 7.5mm thin Pebble Time Round.
The Nexus Swordfish smartwatch is said to be available in more colours than Angelfish, with three choices available – Silver, Titanium and Rose Gold.
The smartwatches will be revealed after the launch of the upcoming Google Nexus 5/6 smartphones, which are due out later this year or  near the end of 2016, if not early 2017.

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