Sunday, July 3, 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update to arrive in August 2. Some enhancements

We are 26 days away of the date when Microsoft will finish its Windows 10 update FREE program to Windows 7 and Windows 8 actual users. After that date you will start paying $119.- for a Windows 10 basic version.

A Big Anniversary Update of Windows 10 will arrive to your PC, laptop, notebook or whatever kind of device you are working with Windows 10, in August 2.



On Windows 10-powered devices, Cortana will soon sit above the lock screen. That means you won't have to sign in to your device in order to interact with Cortana. It's a nice time saver - although the idea is already in place on Android and iOS.

Also in the time-saving pile is Windows Ink. The company has shared some info on Windows Ink already, but the Anniversary Update will be when it makes its full public debut.
"In this release you're going to see the pen become a first-class method of input," promised Mr Mehdi, explaining how the pen - a stylus, in other words - could now be used to scribble notes quickly on to the screen.
Like Cortana, much of Windows Ink's appeal will be that you don't need to unlock the device in order to use it. You just click the pen and begin writing on the screen.
Also in the update: more uses for Windows Hello. For a while, Hello has been able to log you into a Windows 10 device just by recognising your face (or fingerprint).
Now Microsoft hopes to expand that capability to websites. Microsoft envisions a time when you can sign in to your favourite websites using your face rather than a password - an obvious improvement at a time when security experts are questioning the long-term suitability of passwords.
The function works within the Edge browser. Web developers only have to add a small amount of code in order to enable Hello log-ins on their site.
Don't expect many of them just yet, mind. Microsoft couldn't give me any examples of websites that were planning to incorporate log-ins via Hello.

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