Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Samsung invites to the Unpacked 2018 event for unveiling the Note 9. S Pen shows up with a control button

Samsung today posted a  video on youtube as an official invitation to the UNPACKED 2018  event where it is going to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 in August 9, 2018. The event will take first in NY and simultaneous with Korea.

The video is more about showing the S Pen which  clearly seems to be assembled in two parts one is a dark gold color and the second is more a clear light gold color. In this last part is showing a button. (third picture below)

On a before post we wrote the following about the Galaxy Note 9 new S Pen:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen is coming with extra features in Auguts 9, 2018.

1.-Added remote control function of smartphone.
2.-With Bluetooth module.
3.-Added power supply for independent function addition.

New functions number 1 and 2 are clear and easy to understand but number 3 apparently means a charger exclusive for the S Pen.

Before Patent information was saying the S Pen could arrive with a microphone and a breathalyzer with a gas sensor, if Samsung decides to put them aboard.

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