Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Palm and HP will be at CES 2011 Jan 6-9. Time for the webostablet or smartphone, or both?

Francisco De Jesús September 29, 2010

As you can see  on the links below. I made a search on the exhibitors CES 2011 directory and found that Palm will be at the booth N246 and HP at the booth 31412.(images information below) Right time for an announcement of the new Palm Pad webos tablet, a new Palm webos smartphone or both? For sure the next ePrint HP printer all in one with the  Palm Pad bundle would be interesting to see, as well.

Those probably new devices will be LTE 4G ready? able to stream live videos and capable to pair to each other, keeping the Foleo concept?

The tablet and the smartphone with a ARM Cortex A15 (8 cores),perhaps ?

What do you expect?

The Palm Pad may look like this? : HP Palm: The Weblet (webos tablet) mock up. Made by brentidowney, Canada.

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