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Games for FREE for your iPod Touch.

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Best Free iPod Touch Games:


Lead your kingdom to glory in the massive multiplayer online real time strategy game Valor. You’re pitted against other iOS users and battle it out for the right to rule the realm. You can form alliances and create guilds. Betray rival kingdoms in this surprisingly deep strategy game.

Little-Metal-Ball-iconLittle Metal Ball

Navigate giant platforms as quick as you can without falling over the edge in Little Metal Ball. It’s tilt-to-roll gameplay on an adventurous scale. LMB throws in stars that give time bonuses, moving platforms and jumps to keep things interesting.

Poker-by-Zynga-iconPoker by Zynga

Poker by Zynga was originally a Facebook app and it makes the transition to your Touch quite nicely. The design is simple and doesn’t get in the way of your hands. You do need to have online access as the game is online-only.


Play against the computer or your friends with Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe. They’re separate apps that make for some quick gaming. Admittedly, these two are more fun to play against your friends. Still, they’re simple games and worth a few minutes.


There are a few Solitaire and Sudoku apps for free on iTunes. We recommend just searching for these two one-word titles. You’ll get some brain action in Sudoku and you can never go wrong with a quick game of Solitaire while waiting for the bus.

Oregon-Trail-iconOregon Trail

The original gets an update to some cartoony fun but still with some of the same problems that you remember. You’ll still get dysentary, for example. If you’re nostalgic for traveling the Trail as you did in school, give this app a try. There are some new features like a few mini games and side missions.

addicting-games-iconAddicting Games

Yes, technically, this isn’t a game. It’s a bunch of games. You start out with up to 32 games with AG promising to add even more down the road. Try games like Parapop, Jewelers, World Wars, Zombie Burger and more. It comes with achievements, tons of levels and the ability to challenge Facebook friends.

Minecraft-pocket-edition-iconMinecraft – pocket edition

Minecraft on your phone! Design the world of your dreams and dig deep into the underbelly while keeping an eye out for the deadly creepers. True, the pocket edition of Minecraft does not have as many options as the full PC game but the simple gameplay still offers what you need from the world building game.

Hanging-with-friends-Free-Words-with-friends-Free-iconHanging with friends Free/Words with friends Free

Zynga’s Words and Hanging with friends games are uber-popular and you probably know someone who has at least one them. Words is Scrabble and Hanging is a twist on Hangman. Instead of a noose the characters hold balloons that float them up. Grab either one and challenge your friends.

bubble-shooter-iconBubble Shooter Free

Who doesn’t love shooting bubbles? It’s been a gaming classic since the 1980s and this app doesn’t disappoint in the shooting of bubbles regard. Beyond the normal bubble wall that descends there are several different maps and modes to choose one. Just tap the screen and fire away.

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