Wednesday, January 25, 2012

HP webOS open source packages and open source information file for download.

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HP/Palm have posted the opensource packages for download according to the version you may need  and the pdf  open source information file:

Open Source Packages

We are pleased to provide the source code of various open source components used in webOS. Please choose the release number of webOS to be redirected to the appropriate download page.

Open Source Information File

There are two ways to view the Open Source Information file on the Palm Pre device. 

1) You can view the Open Source Information on your device:

  • Drag up from the gesture area to the screen to open the Launcher.
  • Swipe left until the PDF View icon appears.
  • Tap PDF View, then tap on Open Source Information.pdf.


2) You can also view the file on your computer:

  • Connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable.
  • On your phone, tap USB Drive.
  • On your computer, locate and double-click the Palm Pre drive. To locate the drive, do the following for your operating system:

    • Windows Vista: Open Computer
    • Windows XP: Open My Computer
    • Mac: Open Finder
    • Linux (Ubuntu): The drive is displayed on the desktop
    • Other Linux distribution: The location of the drive may vary by system
  • When you have opened the Palm Pre drive, double-click the file Open Source Information.pdf.

Downloading the Latest Version of the Open Source Information File

The latest version of the Open Source Information file is also available for download from this site. Click here to download.

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