Monday, January 30, 2012

Kindle Fire quality content is dominating on Android tablets app usage.

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Analytics firm Flurry said that Amazon’s Kindle grew to represent 36 percent of end user Android tablet app sessions in January 2012 from 3 percent in November 2011, primarily at the expense of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

The company said that the Christmas holiday sales period resulted in a “massive surge in session usage” for the Amazon device, which actually edged the Samsung device into second place using unrounded numbers (at 35.7 percent and 35.6 percent, respectively).

While the Kindle Fire has managed to overtake the Galaxy Tab in a matter of months from a standing start, it was also noted that overall Android tablet sessions more than tripled during the period, with Galaxy Tab sessions increasing by more than 50 percent.

Based on an analysis of 5 paid apps which ranked in the top 10 for both Android Market and Amazon App Store, the company asserted that “the Kindle Fire drove over 2.5 times more paid downloads to consumers than the Samsung Galaxy Tab." This means that “Amazon App Store can already deliver more direct revenue to developers than the Android Market” – despite the smaller installed base of tablets.

In a blog post, Flurry said that “Amazon’s launch of Kindle Fire had more in common with an Apple-style launch than it did with aligning with the Android system.” By taking a content-led standpoint, Amazon is taking a contrasting approach to rival Android device makers, who have “focused on marketing the operating system and the 'power' of the devices, with quality of content and the consumer experience subordinated in priority.”

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