Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Germany: LG to launch webOS Smart TVs in April. Video demo in German.

Francisco De Jesùs.

With the help of our friends on webosnationforums we got some information translated from German to English about the content of the video demo above as follows:

It's the first event of the retailer roadshow in the EMTec Arena in Hamburg. (don't know if it's a roadshow for retailers or at the retailers, but these are no retailer rooms  )

He's watching a trailer on "maxdome" (free and paid streaming portal) and has access to previously seen stuff and the watched movie stops playing in background, after viewing an recently loaded webpage you can resume playing without restarting the streaming app: Multitasking. (but he's rather showing that the stream stopped and kicked back to app main screen, so not a good presentation of this feature).

You can close stuff from your history and navigate "to the future" to see what you could do and then just names the stuff shown: maxdome, Lovefilm, Zatoo (live TV and streaming apps), HDMI, User Manual, "smart share" (nothing detailed said), "Time machine" (just shown, not even named), "Share screen" (just shown, not even named) and then tells again all to be integrated in a multitasking system.

Sizes will be 32" up to 98".

Usual lineup, like the one shown, arriving in April, premium like UltraHD (4k) and OLED devices arrive *from then on until IFA fair in September.

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