Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lets speculate about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Rumors bet for 3 sided YOUM display.

Francisco De Jesùs.

1.- Sure the flagship will come with new stunning features.

2.- Is expected a flexible display. Rumors are saying Samsung is working in a new form factor for the Note 4 that could be the 3 sided  flexible YOUM displayThree-sided implicates that the display has its left and right sides bent to create additional zones where notifications from messages, email, incoming calls can appear.  Reuters and ZDNet Korea (video below).

3.- Definitive a Octa Core Exynos chipset in.

5.-Display 5.9 inch a little bit up of its predecesors Note 3 with 5.7 inch screen. Or just keep the 5.7 inch size.

6.- A jump from 13 to 16 Mpxls rear camera.



9.- Storage the same 32GB but up to 128GB with micro SD.

10.-Price between $730 to $750 unlocked or off-contract, as usual.

11.-Swipe finger scanner.

12.-Multiwindows, at least 4 at the same time.

Samsung usually unveils the Galaxy Note smartphones in September at the IFA show in Berlin. 

Video demo from 2013 where Samsung showcased its 3-sided YOUM display prototype:

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