Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur is building a Tsunami proof Pod. Video.

Francisco De Jesùs.

Inside the Tsunami-Proof Pod Made in Silicon Valley.

Chris Robinson, a startup entrepreneur, has never built a boat before and he admits that a tsunami is unlikely to hit his home in Silicon Valley. But he has spent the past two years building a 22-foot-long, 8.5-foot-high, 10-foot wide tidal wave-proof pod made of plywood and epoxy in his backyard. 

Have you ever thought on a Tsunami could hit in your back yard anytime?

Well, Chris Robinson is anticipating a possible Tsunami that could hit anytime in Silicon Valley, California,just front of the Pacific Ocean. He has been working in this project around a year ago.
The ship could support up to 10 people.

However some are questioning if a Tsunami hits so hard and crash everything, will a Plywood made ship support that strike or will just float over.?

What do you think?

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