Monday, July 7, 2014

BlackBerry Passport is the world`s first 4.5" square screen phatablet for business and is making a difference.

I have been surfing around a little bit to get updates about what is RIM doing with its upcoming devices and I found just yesterday this crazy/extrange design on a smartphone/tablet a BlackBerry Passport 4.5 inch square screen.

The Passport is supposedly the optimal size for reading e-books, paging through documents and reading the text-heavy portions of the web. 

The Passport’s unique ID will make it an ideal digital companion, including for architects and real estate professionals switching between blueprints and contract docs; doctors checking X-rays and patient info forms; financiers watching the stock market bob up and down; and writers looking for the joys only a real physical keyboard can bring, says Matt Young, BlackBerry blogger who has held the device and used the device an also adds: 

 "the combination of a screen with that aspect ratio plus the keyboard and some other features we will cover later will deliver a unique user experience. "
Maybe RIM just found a way to make a difference from the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 this time.


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