Video: NORMAL introduces custom-fit 3D-printed earphones.

NORMAL a company NY based is introducing its new line of 3D printed custom fit earphones. Take just a picture of your ears and send them to NORMAL and they will make a pair for you.

Every ear is different - but has been treated the same.

Introducing Normal, makers of custom-fit, 3D-printed earphones. 

To us, putting a mediocre one-size-fits-all product into the intimate and one-of-a-kind spaces on either side of our heads is no longer acceptable.

There's probably someone else in the world who looks like you, has the same name, has the same weird fetish for hairy Scottish men, but we guarantee if we stuck a finger in their ear, it would be completely unique.

So we did what any unsensible person would do, we figured out something that won't work for anyone else but you.

Normal: One Size Fits None.


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