Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Much Better a FACTORY UNLOCKED smartphone. USA Senate passed bill for cellphone unlocking legal.

The USA Senate has passed a new bill that will once again makes cellphone unlocking legal. Announced in a press release by Senator Patrick LeahyThe Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act allows consumers to unlock their cellphone — either “professionally” or by themselves — for use on different networks once their current contract is up.

It never made much sense that consumers couldn’t modify a phone they already own and made even less sense when you factor in those who purchase a secondhand device were often times left out in the cold. While cellphone unlocking isn’t permanently legal, a new exemption will be in place in place (that will also need to be renewed again later) and grants 3rd parties the right to unlock the phones.

Once President Obama signs it into law, expect to see signs for “cellphone unlocking” services arriving at mom and pop shops around the country (or even online) in the coming weeks. 

To avoid the risk to make your phone unlocked not right, by yourself or a "professional" service, we suggest to better get the best option and it is to buy from any store a FACTORY UNLOCKED  phone.

Here below you will find the most recent FACTORY UNLOCKED smartphones, made by Samsung, LG,  Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, SONY and HTC

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