Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ecuador wins Junior Womens Final 2014 BMX World Championships with rider Domenica Michelle Azuero Gonzalez. Videos.

Junior Womens Final - 2014 BMX World Championships.

The rider to Ecuador, Domenica Azuero, proclaimed champion of the World Junior BMX, which was held in Rotterdam, Holland today July 27, 2014.

Azuero, a native of the province of Azuay, took first place in the race, beating the American Shealen Reno, who stayed with the silver medal. Russian Tatiana Kapitanova completed the podium in third place being awarded with the bronze medal. After the competition, the athlete showed his excitement Azuay and dedicated the win to the whole country. The Minister of Sport, José Cevallos highlighted the triumph of Ecuador

Domenica Azuero Gonzalez Interview - 2014 BMX World Championships:

That is a clip (first video above) from the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships that were held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 27th July 2014.

Inspired by their Motocross heroes, Californian kids in the 1970s started racing their bikes over the same courses when they weren’t in use. It quickly grew into a worldwide phenomenon, further enhanced by their use in the iconic scene in the film ‘ET’ when the friendly alien makes them fly to escape their pursuers.

Down on planet Earth, there are 2 types of BMX racing:

BMX Race
The BMX race is performed on a BMX track, measuring between 300 and 400m, with alternating jumps, banked corners and flat sections. 8 riders battle for first place. Besides the traditional BMX races, there are also Supercross races for Junior and Elite riders. These competitions are held on a spectacular BMX track with an 8m high start ramp and several pro sections with technical jumps. The Junior and Elite World Championships and the Olympic Games are raced on a Supercross track.

BMX Time Trial
The BMX Time Trial is raced on a Supercross BMX track. During BMX Time Trial races, riders set off one at a time and cover the track as quickly as possible.

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