Tuesday, August 5, 2014

READY? "Note the Date" Sept 3rd Samsung.teases UNPACKED 2014 E2 Berlin, Beijing, New York.

 In a recent invite sent to the press (above), Samsung asked us to "note the date" of September 3rd on our calendars  for a product unveiling in Berlin, Beijing and New York, simultaneous making reference to the UNPACKED 2014 Episode 2.

It is clear Samsung is referring to the Galaxy Note 4 as you can observe at the right up of the invitation. (Air commands).  Just compare with the picture below of the Galaxy Note 3:

The questions for the Galaxy Note new version 4 are:  Size of the screen, Processor, battery, Camera and we suppose a bigger device size, a new processor speed, a better battery and more pixels for the camera. A Flexible display might come in and maybe some new software features. Will see those in Sept 3.

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