Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nature. This photo is REAL. A woodpecker riding a weasel.

This photo of a woodpecker riding a weasel is the today sensation all around the web and social sites worldwide. The scene is real, not photoshoped at all.

How this cargo happened?

The photographer, Martin Le-May, told Nicholas Lund it began when he heard distress calls from the bird, a European green woodpecker, and turned to see it jumping up and down on the ground. 

These woodpeckers commonly feed on ground-dwelling ants, and the weasel must have initiated a sneak attack. Birds do what birds do, however, and once the bird righted itself it was airborne—but not free. 

Though weasels are known for their courage and brazenness, I’m not sure this one was prepared for this contingency. Le-May said the pair got about 10 feet off the ground before landing again, where the bird managed to free itself of the weasel and fly off, both creatures apparently unharmed. 

Let`s see the sequence in photos:

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