Sunday, March 1, 2015

You can say "Will you marry me? with an LG 5 m.mR SMARTRING.

Is incredible how the technology can go so far, LG Display bending active team have developed the world`s first smallest 5.m.m display an ported on a digital look SMARTRING.

The times change and maybe you can offer an LG 5 m.mR ring to ask to your mate if she wants to marry you. Not a bad idea  in this age of smartwatches why not an smartring.

How LG Display reached at this point? We quoted what the LG Active Bending Development Team said:

You can do it if you try!’ enlightenment
When the project began in 2013, the Active Bending Product Development Team was able to advance the technology from 30mmR to 20mmR and over the next 2 years, they achieved a 5mmR curvature on their own. 
“In truth, our competitor began research on plastic OLED technology at 5 years before us. Some people might say that we were copying them. Our competitor was able to achieve a 7mmR curvature but we did not thing that that was the technological limit. Actually, a steeper curvature was possible but the curvature had to be compromised after considering the manufacturing of the display. But in a short amount of time, we were not looking to merely catch up to the standard of our competitor’s technology.” 
By studying papers and related academic information and gaining inspiration from the idea of ‘creating something out of nothing’, the Active Bending Product Development Team began 2015 with the acknowledgement of their efforts. You can really see the faith in the future when you see the 7 members of this team. 
The day will soon come when active bending technology will be realized and make our dailies lives more convenient. 5mmR plastic OLED with flexible characteristics will be applied to more products than can even be counted. Just as with the watch that has been introduced into the market, it will also be possible to implement this technology to a diverse range of products such as rings and necklaces. We look forward to this technology opening up the future to our imaginations.
Expanding Potential while Focusing on the Commercialization of 5mmR. 
After the nearly two and a half year project, what do the Active Bending Product Development Team members think? 
“In actuality, we’re quite exhausted because set manufacturers kept changing their minds on whether or not they would make our active bonding display,” said Taejun Ahn in an honest admission. 
“But this is such an interesting research item and if we can improve on the 5mmR curvature, it may be possible to produce a more innovative product with an improved form factor.” 
“While we say we would like to achieve a more sheer curvature, the display cannot be bent to that degree at this point. As I said before, Component development must be done so that the TFT and OLED components don’t break at that extreme of a curvature and under that pressure. These ideal components take time to develop and product development takes time as well. All of these conditions go into our work so I think we must master the ‘art of patience’.”
“Research for the realization of the true ideal curvature should be transferred to ‘foldable’ development. We will likely concentrate on the commercialization of the 5mmR bended display through the collaboration of different technologies such as new touch screen methods,” TaeJun Ahn explained. “We are hardware makers, so we can assert that a 5mmR curvature display is possible through the proof of this Active Bending prototype. Our biggest asset is that we can say ‘it is possible to make a 5mmR curvature bended display’.” 
“Our 5mmR curvature display is not only available for smartphones, but we can of course also provide the display for other products such as wristbands, rings and necklaces. The final goal of our research is to commercialize the plastic OLED display in diverse ways through selecting the most viable options from a wide spectrum of possibilities.” 

LG Display

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