Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rumors: Samsung to unveil the Galaxy S8 at CES 2017 instead MWC 2017.

Currently, Samsung Electronics is boosting production of the S7 series to temporarily fill the absence of the Note 7. But rumors abound that the company may unveil the S8 at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in January and roll it out in February, which is earlier than the company's usual launching timeline.

Samsung Electronics declined to confirm anything about the S8's early release.

Analysts here warned that the company should not rush to launch the S8 until it can guarantee consumers that similar problems will not occur.

"Launching the S8 earlier than planned is the last thing that Samsung Electronics should consider," HMC Securities analyst Noh Geun-chang said. "Making sure that such an incident will never happen again through thorough product quality checking is the most important thing now." He added that the S8's launch may be postponed amid negative images of the Note 7 lingering in consumers' minds.

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