Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Spreadtrum buying Intel`s 14nm chips

Intel is making 14nm application processors for Spreadtrum Communications with sample shipments starting in October, and the pair is eyeing orders from Samsung Electronics.

Spreadtrum with its 14nm chips built by Intel is looking to grab orders for Samsung's mid-range smartphone series for 2017.

Spreadtrum is also contracting TSMC to build chips using the foundry's 16nm process technology,  In the pure-play foundry space, Intel has grown its customer base at a gradual pace.

Intel previously introduced LG Electronics as the first company to use its 10nm process technology to build ARM-based mobile SoCs. LGE is reportedly among TSMC's 16nm and 28nm clients.

With a workforce of nearly 2,000 people, Intel's foundry business is targeting fabless customers based mainly in China, South Korea, Japan and other countries of Asia.

In addition, a team of Intel employees stationed in Shanghai is able to provide local services in China.

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