Wednesday, January 18, 2017

According to leaked screen protectors there will not be a Samsung Galaxy S8 flat version

As we said on our before post Both Samsung Galaxy S8/S8Plus might have sided curved edges but one is bigger. there will not be a flat version of the Galaxy S8 and according to @dfordesign tweet from Poland 

In Polish:

Według mojego dostawcy szkieł S8 nie będzie miał wersji flat O.o Ma być S8 i S8 Plus. Do tej pory się nie mylił…

Translation from Polish:
According to my suppliers glasses S8 will not have a version of the flat is to be o.o. S8 and S8 Plus. Until now, he was not mistaken ...

@dfordesign made it clear after that tweet that are not SGS8 displays but screen protectors as he tweeted around 53 minutes ago:

  1. Regarding photos - these are screen protectors, not parts of the device. Just giving a glimpse of how the front panel might look like.
  2. W tym lepiej widać zagięcie. Lekkie zaokrąglenie jest też na gorze i u dolu

  3. The Galaxy S8 is rumored for an official announcement on March 29 with a release following in April.

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