Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Samsung to roll out 100.000 fold-out smartphones, in Q3 2017.

Samsung just granted some new patents design for the upcoming foldable smartphone. Now according to the Korea Herald Samsung will present the foldable mobile this year in the Q3 finally after 3 years of  deveploment.

The smartphone,  may be used as a 7-inch tablet when unfolded.

“Since the company already secured fold-in phone technology, it was not a big challenge to shift into the fold-out phones,”
Despite technical completion, Samsung Electronics has not made a final decision about whether they will unveil the device this year because of marketability and profitability issues, multiple sources said. 
“The final decision will be made after the personnel reshuffle of the company’s information technology and mobile communications unit is carried out,” the initial source said. 
Samsung Electronics’ executive-level reshuffle, which is normally done in December, has been delayed to February or March as the company is currently embroiled in the political scandal involving President Park Geun-hye and her confidante Choi Soon-sil. 

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