Monday, January 9, 2017

SAMSUNG forecast 60 million GALAXY S8 shipments for 2017.

According to the KOREA HERALD the investor SAMSUNG has set a 60 million GALAXY S8 smartphone shipments for 2017.

“The tech giant has requested its partners to supply (parts) based on the tech giant’s 60 million shipment goal,” an industry source told The Investor on condition of anonymity, adding Samsung has confirmed that the release schedule has been postponed to mid-April, a month later than the usual March release.

The shipment goal for the S8 is much higher than the total shipments of the firm’s flagship models over the past three years: S5 (45 million), S6 (45 million) and S7 (48 million). The Galaxy S4, released in 2013, shipped a record 70 million units, while the S3 notched up 65 million. 

The mass production of the S8 will start in March, when Samsung will begin rolling out 5 million units of the S8 each month after it receives electronic parts in February from its main vendors, including camera iris scanner module maker Partron and camera lens firm Sekonix.

Wireless module maker Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Amotech are expected to supply radio frequency modules, which are used for near-field communication systems, in March, while secondary vendors such as Hansol Technics will likely start offering parts from April.

The 60 million units shipments forecast is not that ambitious since key rival Apple is expected to sell up to 80 million of its iPhone 8 handsets during the last three months of 2017, according to Nomura Securities.

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