Monday, January 30, 2017

What is going to show Samsung at MWC 2017?

At this time you know Samsung confirmed through one of their excutives that is not going to unveil the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus at the MWC 2017 as they are used to. Instead the company will present the two new models in March 29 in New York.

However, Samsung will make presence at the MWC 2017 about LTE networks to 5G technologies

"Controlling the uncontrollable", "Enhancing indoor coverage", "Bolstering your Network", "Cloud Network", "5G"

Apparently Samsung and Verizon might show up some devices working on 5G. 


Samsung is ready to share with you technologies that will act as a steadfast foundation for operators’ networks. We are not only focused on bolstering current LTE networks but endeavoring to become the forerunner in designing and constructing future networks. As such, our exhibit will range from how to efficiently operate a busy LTE network to a full span of 5G technologies that is on the cusp of commercialization.

More information on: Why Samsung Networks


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