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Brazil: Microsoft to build its first Lab in Latin America.

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Brazil: Microsoft to build its first Lab in Latin America.

The software giant Microsoft announced Wednesday that it will build its first laboratory in Brazil for advanced technology in Latin America and fourth in the world, as part of an investment plan of $ 100 million to make in the next four years. 

This venture, a leading company in its 23 years of operations in Brazil, "will be a cornerstone for the future of innovation at Microsoft," said Hernán Rincón, president of Microsoft Latin America, in a ceremony attended the Brazilian ministers of Education, Aloizio Mercadante, and Science, Technology and Innovation, Marco Antonio Raupp.

Based in the port area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, the Microsoft lab will develop new technology and advanced engineering in communications and other areas, and provide a platform for computer research in Brazil, the world's sixth largest economy.

 "Microsoft believes in Brazil, we believe in their potential, human capital," said Rincon. The initiative was supported by the government of Dilma Rousseff, who is determined to raise the competitiveness of its economy with the formation of skilled labor and the export of knowledge. 

Besides this project, Microsoft announced the creation of a development center for the  search engine (Bing) and a company which specializes in small businesses boost technology. 

The company plans foresees investments of U.S. origin for 200 million reais ($ 100 million) over the next four years, said Michel Levy, head of Microsoft in Brazil. "We are convinced that these initiatives help to make the country a benchmark in technology, which is essential for increasing national competitiveness," said the manager.

Press Release:

Microsoft announces investment of $ 200 million in research, development and innovation in Brazil.

In line with the Largest IT Program, launched by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Microsoft invests in advanced technology lab at Microsoft Research and numerous initiatives promoting innovation in Brazil. 

São Paulo, November 7, 2012 - In a ceremony Brasilia, after meeting with the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marco Antonio Raupp, and Education Minister Mercadante, Microsoft announced an investment of $ 200 million in Brazil to boost national competitiveness through research and development sites . 

Among a series of planned initiatives highlight the establishment of a Country Advanced Technology Laboratory (ATL, its acronym in English) Microsoft Research. 

The ATL Brazil, fourth in the world, will combine local capacity for technological innovation and advanced engineering with expertise in applied research from Microsoft and its partners to expand the academic knowledge production of national origin. Other innovations include the creation of a business investments in Brazil, the foundation of a business accelerator focused on emerging technology-based companies (startups); opening a development center platform Microsoft search (Bing) and commitment to the revitalization of the building Baron Maua , which is the historical heritage of the city of Rio de Janeiro and will house all of these projects. 

According to Microsoft Brazil President Michel Levy, initiatives are aligned with the priority of the Federal Government to stimulate national development and lead generation within of information technology. "The projects announced represent a significant investment by Microsoft in Brazil and are in line with the objectives set by the IT Program Staff, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). We believe that these initiatives contribute to making the country reference technology, which is crucial for increasing national competitiveness.

 ""The installation of this center of R & D Microsoft in Rio de Janeiro confirms the success of the Program IT Staff, the responsibility of MCTI, and shows that Brazil has favorable conditions to carry out innovation activities on a global scale, "said Marco Antonio Raupp, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. Brazil The ATL will be responsible for developing innovative technologies that bring in a short space of time, tangible benefits to users, principally Brazilians, but not limited to them. As explained Henrique (Rico) Malvar, chief scientist at Microsoft Research in the world, "we have a long history of partnerships with academic researchers in Brazil. Now with a permanent presence in the country, we are committed to promoting long-term collaborations in the areas of computer science, education and scientific research. " 

ATL Brazil's focus will be on information retrieval and data analysis and understanding in order to develop technologies that improve the user experience in searching in Brazil. "We also plan to share our knowledge with emerging companies that will be supported by the accelerator - an important part of our investment strategy," adds Malvar. Opportunity for Startups A business accelerator, which will also include investments of national partners, will focus on supporting Brazilian technology-based startups with high potential for international expansion. Located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, she will be the first accelerator benefited from Microsoft's investments Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Brazil, which has just been formed in order to invest in Brazilian business accelerator.

 "Through the joint efforts initiative of public, private and independent professionals can foster a real impact in the community in which we operate. Initiatives announced generate over 100 direct jobs, which include researchers, developers and entrepreneurs. As the main objective is to promote innovation, our expectation is that these opportunities have multiplied throughout the value chain, impacting thousands of professionals. Investments With Microsoft and partners accelerator, startups from around the country will have access to resources, expertise and visibility they need to be well- successful in national and international markets, "adds Levy. 

During the event in Brasilia, also confirmed the establishment of a development center of Microsoft's search platform, Bing, in the country that will host this Site and other initiatives announced was the first gas plant in Rio de Janeiro, founded by Baron de Maua high today and the historical heritage of the city. Under the memorandum of understanding signed between Microsoft and the City of Rio de Janeiro, the company reinforces its commitment to the revitalization of the building, located in Port Project Marvel, which should have completed their work in December 2013. "Microsoft is committed to offer individuals and businesses the tools to be more efficient, creative and connected. 

Finally, as large as our passion for technology is our dedication to serve the society and foster national competitiveness, creating opportunities for people and businesses realize the full their potential. This basic belief that technology can change the world and improve people's lives is our reason for being. it is that drives our long-term investment, "concludes Michel Levy. Brazil About Microsoft Founded in 1989, the Microsoft Brazil has 14 regional offices across the country and generates local direct opportunities in technology for more than 18,000 companies and 424,000 professionals. Over the past nine years, the company invested more than $ 151.3 million in social projects, taking technology to schools, universities, NGOs and communities in need. It is one of 112 subsidiaries of Microsoft Corporation, founded in 1975, the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions in information technology, helping businesses and individuals reach their full potential.

Important: Photos of the event can be Brasília downloaded at the following link: Access also microsoftbr @ Microsoft Blog Interoperability Brazil: Port 25Central relationship with the media: Microsoft News For more information about the Microsoft press release, contact: Communications FSB ( 11) 3165-9732 Ana Cristina - ana.cristina @ Mayara Federzoni - mayara.federzoni @

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