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Japan: SONY, Toshiba and Hitachi presented 3 prototype displays.

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Innovation Vehicle - Photo 9

Japan: SONY, Toshiba and Hitachi presented 3 prototype displays.Video.

Japan Display (SONY, Toshiba and Hitachi) has presented three prototype displays, titled "Innovation Vehicles", which combining the latest mobile display technologies from Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi.
"Japan Display was established in April, by the three companies. During the six months since then, technology developers from each company have worked together, to see what new technologies we could create. The result is this Innovation Vehicle."
The three versions that have been developed consist of: a 5-inch Full HD, 438ppi smartphone display; a 7-inch, 2560x1600 pixel WQXGA 431ppi tablet display; and a 12.2-inch, 1,920 x 720 car display. These displays feature key technologies for forthcoming applications, including WhiteMagic for power saving, Pixel Eyes integrated touch panels, and IPS-NEO, which is the newest IPS technology, featuring a wide viewing angle and high contrast.
Additionally, the smartphone display is ultra-thin, with the module being just 0.96 mm thick, with borders measuring just 1mm.
"WhiteMagic technology reduces backlight power consumption, by using white pixels as well as red, green, and blue. In a smartphone, the backlight accounts for about half of the power consumed. For the panel overall, power consumption is reduced by about 40%. If you keep the backlight on, power consumption is the same, but the picture is really bright. So, you get a panel that's really easy to view, even outdoors."
"With Pixel Eyes technology, the touch-panel is built in, rather than being attached from outside. The structure becomes simple, so it's easy to make the display thin. Such a thin display is very sensitive, so we've utilized that to enable writing with a pen. Currently, finger operation is the norm, but we'd like to provide a pen-drawing solution next. This is what we're presenting here."
"Finally, here we've enhanced the design, by making the panel curved, and rounding its edges, so it could fit into a car dashboard. We're using this design-oriented version to present a car display prototype as well."
"We don't yet have a timeline for commercial versions, but since we've reached this stage, we'd like to show these to customers, and get to work on sales. We hope to start mass-producing these displays next year."

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