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1H 2013: Samsung Group Plans to Mass Produce Flexible Mobile-Device Screens.

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Samsung Group Plans to Mass Produce Flexible Mobile-Device Screens.

For several years, Samsung has been flirting with the idea of ​​incorporating flexible displays in its line of mobile phones, but so far it was only experimental prototypes that could be seen in technology fairs.

According to the North American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the South Korean company is getting ready to take the next step to begin mass production of this type of display for their smartphones.

The displays use OLED technology already present in other equipment produced by the company. Unlike conventional screens, which are made of glass, are made of flexible plastic, which will provide the devices that use a shock resistance and falls never before seen in a mobile phone.

According to the publication, the screens will be ready in the first half of 2013, although there is still no assurance that they will be available commercially in a particular product.

However, some specialists believe that this technology will likely be used in the successor of Galaxy SIII, one of the high-end smartphone market popular.

In addition, the novelty come at the right time, since at present the market is saturated with products that have similar characteristics, deducted a flexible screen phone with Samsung would give the impetus to win the battle against Apple and its iPhone .

Source: WSJ

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