Sunday, November 18, 2012

Germany: Nokia Lumia 920 is sold out, but coming back.

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Germany: Nokia Lumia 920 is sold out, but coming back.

Germany Nokia:
Lumia love fans, we are very pleased with the great interest in our new Lu,ia smartphones. Due to high demand we have recieved reports that the Lumia 920 is alerady sold out in many stores. We are already working on that in all models in Germany colors as quickly as possible top get ready in the shops are.

Unfortunately, there have been many reports from customers who pre-ordered the Lumia 920 in various colors and have yet to receive their devices. 

Most stores that are selling the Nokia Lumia 920 claim they can deliver it in 2 to 5 weeks, even though the Finnish handset maker said it plans to redirect some of its Lumia 920 production to Germany.

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