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webOS running on emulator for LG smart TV

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webOS running on emulator for LG smart TV

A great discussion is taking place on webOSnation forums about the following of the next LG webOS TV that is rumored to come as early as 2014. As we all know LG has bought some of the HP webOS (Palm) patents to HP to make a LG Smart TV and TV Labs the unit responsible for this development is making progress as you can read on webOS France.

The LG logo is clear  on the right of the emulator TV which is running on Ares.

webOS France:

Finally a news just in the sphere exitante (empty) webOS! As the development of webOS is open source, talks between developers on the bug trackings are public, so we will be able to follow the development of TV webOS step. Farewell trade secrets!

In the screen of a developer from LG capture, you can clearly see the following icons: 

  • Ares  : the user interface to easily develop enyoJS
  • webOS TV Emulator : The emulator webOS TV version, we can not wait to see what it looks like!
  • webOS Native IDE : a development environment for EnyoJS

The following note on github indicates a request to add the TV to the list of webOS comptabibles machines with webOS. Finally, another log indicates that embarked on a TV for webOS currently a development raises the possibility of deleting an application or an emulator then a TV directly. So we are on the right track. Hoping that LG will have the courage to develop a full line of products, smartphone and tablet without stopping the TV.

webOS France

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