Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Modern fire place design.

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Modern fire place design.

The ‘Bathyscafocus’ modern fireplace by Focus is a revolution in fireplace design. Situated right in the middle of a room, this hovering orb fire pit is in the spotlight and deserves it. It’s an efficient source of heat that is handcrafted, high quality and available in four styles; suspended, mounted on a base and a porthole version with an enclosed hearth. 

Maintenance is minimal, the shape is neutral and well fitted for most rooms. It has a three-hundred and sixty degree rotation so where ever you choose to sit, the orb will follow. It is available in matte black, anthracite gray and your choice between gas fueled or wood burning versions. This fireplace can hover over a coffee table for minimal space occupancy. The design is superb, modern and lovely for cozy get-togethers during the cold winter months.

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