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Japan: Hiroshi Yamauchi Father of Nintendo dies at 85.

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Japan: Hiroshi Yamauchi  Father of Nintendo dies at 85.

Hiroshi Yamauchi (c) when he was president of Nintendo next Bill Gates of Microsoft (l) and Shozo Hasimoto, representative of Nomura Research Institute (r), during a meeting in Tokyo in 1996. Photo: Yoshikazu TsunoO /AFP  

Hiroshi Yamauchi (c) cuando era presidente de Nintendo junto Bill Gates de Microsoft (i) y Shozo Hasimoto, representante de Nomura Research Institut (d),durante un encuentro en Tokio en 1996. Foto: Yoshikazu TsunoO/AFP.

Former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi, the company that became the largest producer of video games in the world, died today of pneumonia at a hospital in Kyoto at age 85, reported the Japanese consortium.

Yamauchi, who ran the company for 53 years, took over in 1949 the direction of what was then a manufacturer of traditional Japanese playing cards. In the 70s he entered the business of the consoles and then in 1989 brought to market the Gameboy Pocket console, which became a huge hit. Yamauchi led the company, known worldwide for games like Zelda, Donkey Kong or Super Mario, until 2002, when he became advisor Satoru Iwata Nintendo and succeeded him in the presidency.

Yamauchi also owned American baseball club before selling Seattle Mariners Nintendo in 2004.

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