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LG Vu3 with Snapdragon 800 announced.

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LG Vu3 with Snapdragon 800 announced.

The LG Vu 3   4:3 aspect ratio. The nearly square 5.2-inch display has a resolution of 1280 x 960, sticking with a mid range 720p resolution. In contrast, LG decided to use the fastest Qualcomm processor they could, the 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800.
The device also features a 13MP camera with optical image stabilization, 24-bit audio support and finally an integrated stylus. Yes, now you can stow the stylus in its own little silo. But if it’s anything like the previous stylus, it’ll be a simple capacitive stylus with nothing fancy.
The device also inherits some software features from its slimmer brother, the LG G2. You’ll get KnockOn (which turns on the display with two knocks on the glass), Q-Slide (floating apps) and some integrated apps for the stylus. And of course you get the colorful, almost TouchWiz-like interface overlay that LG likes so much.
Aesthetically, it’s very similar to the LG Optimus G Pro. Meaning that it is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note II, down to the choice of physical home button and capacitive menu and back keys. But unlike the Galaxy Note, the back key is on the left, making it far away from your thumb on a wide device.
The LG Vu 3 is launching on September 27 on three different South Korean carriers. No launches outside of Korea have been announced. A US launch is possible, but looking at the weak sales of the LG Intuition, it isn’t likely. It’s a conflicting device with a 720p resolution and a Snapdragon 800, and the display ratio will probably make it hard to hold. But it isn’t a bad device by any means. 

Press  Release: (From Korean to English using Google translate)
LG Electronics 5.2-inch 4:3 aspect ratio 'LG View 3 "this month from 27 through four sequential earache 3 will be released. 'LG View 3' March and September each year launched 'Optimus view', 'Optimus View 2' followed by 'View Series' is a product of the third. 
■ 5.2-inch 4:3 aspect ratio provides optimum readability 'LG View 3' its predecessor, while maintaining the same length and width to minimize vertical and horizontal display bezel 0.2 inches larger than the previous product was equipped with 5.2 inches. 'view the series' biggest feature is the same 4:3 aspect ratio, which is optimal readability of succession provide. 4:3 aspect ratio, the textbook, A4 paper is applied at a rate of Web pages, etc., SNS, E-book, etc. The most important content easily readable view is known as the golden ratio.
 ■ Built-in rubber rhodium pen, writing, drawing, including the user experience significantly Expand 'LG View 3' In the meantime, the difficulty of carrying a pen to converge strongly to consumer feedback rhodium pen was built in rubber. Q overcoat pen notes, notebooks, calendars, notes related functions are automatically arranged on the screen to select the desired function is fast and easy. representative notes UX (user experience), the 'Notebook' function was significantly enhanced. Pen, acrylic paint and charcoal to provide a total of eight different drawing tool options can feel the effects.
 ■ Apply a translucent cover material and emotional themes 'QuickView ™ Case' LG Electronics' LG View 3 'only cover the' Quick View ™ case 'applies to the translucent material, while emphasizing the emotional design information can be viewed without opening the cover that was also emotional animated themes provide the time, date, currency, and message received notifications, as well as easy to see , 7 kinds of animation, and the personality of the consumer so that it has more to reveal. "QuickView ™ case 'black as the color of indigo, silver and will be available in two kinds.
 ■ impressed, confident, intuitive to delight UX 'LG View 3' and 'LG G2' was first introduced in an intuitive and innovative UX (user experience) also was equipped dagger. □ 'Knock-on (KnockOn)': on and off the screen when you press the button, there is no need anymore. Double-tapping the screen turns on and turns off the picture in motion. □ 'guest mode (Guest Mode)': Unlike the lock pattern like the one with two smartphones is the ability to be able to use. "Guest Mode" in the photo, e-mail, messenger and block access to personal information limited aepman have to drive in peace and your friends can lend.Children for photos, videos, etc. may be necessary to use aepman pulls. Business and personal use, it is possible to separate them. □ 'plug-and-pop (Plug & Pop)': If you plug the earphones calls, listen to music, video playback, DMB City Hall will be able to select the desired function. □ 'Smart Link (Smart Link) ': the contents of a text message as soon as you touch the calendar, web browser, address book, notepad, etc. allows automatic connection.Cumbersome schedule is no longer necessary to enter or note.
 ■ provide powerful hardware specifications,"Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 800 'equipped with a' LG View 3 'superior performance, rich graphics implementations, maximizing battery efficiency, and more. Carrier aggregation (CA, Carrier Aggregation) technology, is equipped with two times faster than now supports LTE-A. LTE-A and 1 at frequencies other frequencies added communication speed up technology up to 150Mbps are available. HD than 1.3 times clearer HD + IPS display (1280x960) equipped with a vivid picture quality and, 13MP camera and the original sound level highest quality (24bit, 192kHz) to support the adoption of high-fidelity sound satisfy both the eyes and the ears were. vice president of LG Electronics MC Business Park, Jong - Seok Director "combined analog and digital two digital Analog Devices' latest 'LG View 3' sensibility through The combination of the technology brings a new user experience that will continue to provide, "said," monolithic design of the smartphone market to be able to make my own individuality in differentiated products will continue to play, "he said. 

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