Thursday, September 26, 2013

iPhone 5C sales at discount in China.

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iPhone 5C sales at discount in China, as sales lag far behind iPhone 5S.

iPhone5c, Apple's newly-launched lower-end phone, is selling at discounts as sales remain stagnant overshadowed by the intensively popular iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5c with 16 G storage is sold at 3699 yuan (about $604) Thursday at a store on Tmall, the country's largest B2C retail platform, down from the original price of 4488 yuan (about $733). 

Information on the webpage showed the store has sold 45 devices following the launch last Friday. 

The gold-colored iPhone 5s is rather attractive, in particular for Asian markets and prices are pushed to over 10,000 yuan ($1634) at some resellers stores in China amid a mania for the color.

Samsung, Apple's biggest rival, has just announced Thursday that its Galaxy S4 will be offered in two golden colors, following HTC One’s expensive version in 24-carat gold.

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