Sunday, September 22, 2013

Germany: O2 offering the iPhone 5S and 5C 4G LTE.

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Germany: O2 offering the iPhone 5S and 5C 4G LTE.

O2 Germany is now offering the iphone 5S and 5C  for its 4G LTE network, 5S for future delivery and the 5C is available now. The devices have the same specifications announced at launch for each model. O2 is not asking for a down payment but monthly in Euros. More information you can get on O2 website on the links below.

16GB  EU36,99 monthly, 32GB  EU41,99 monthly, 64GB  EU46,99 monthly. In the 3 colors gtaphite,silver (delivery 4-6 weeks) and gold.(delivery 7-8 weeks)

O2 Germany: iPhone 5S 4G LTE

16GB EU 32,99 monthly, 32GB  apparently same monthly quote, unless there is some kind of error on the O2 website. IN 5 colors, white,green,yelow, pink and blue (pastel colors). All colors available now.

O2 Germany: iPhone 5C 4G LTE

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