Wednesday, October 22, 2014

HP to unveil new product SPROUT Inmmersive Computer 23 and more next week

HP CEO Meg Whitman said the company will explore "new  computing experiences" and for making a start HP will demonstrate a new product called SPROUT at an event in New York in October 29. The product will be offered for businesses an also high end customers (professionals). 

What is HP SPROUT Inmersive Computer 23?

SPROUT is a combination of touch enabled desktops PCs with a flat touch work surface and a overhead assembly that combines a projector and a 3D scanner. Something like an "Inmmersive computer"

The overhead device project images downward  onto the work surface which users can manipulate with their hands or wioth a stylus.

They can resizes pictures, move elements around and change colors.

They can also easily add new elements to the images by scanning objects or other images directly on the work surface. This is where the overhead 3D  scanner comes into play.

Adding an image is as easy as placing it on the work surface where it can be scanned and then included in whatever the user is working on. 

SPROUT  will run Windows initially. Future versions could work on Google`s Chrome, OS too.     

Businesses could use it to show customers different options of product and help make buying decisions. A decorator or home improvement store could use a photo of a room in someone’s home to show how it would look with different paint or wallpaper options. Fashion retailers could show exactly how a customer would look wearing a dress or jewelry. But it will also be marketed to companies for creating better presentations and to teachers, people familiar with HP’s plans say.
The product is also intended to demonstrate HP’s ability to break away from the pack in the personal computing business, where most vendors focus on notebooks, tablets and desktops, which generally compete with other manufacturers on price.
Sprout will be one of several products that HP demonstrates at the event in New York next week.


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