Thursday, October 2, 2014

Palm WebOS refuses to die, coming on LG WebOS smartwatches. The return to mobile devices.

Palm WebOS refuses to die, after been sold to HP and then to LG, now is coming on LG WebOS smartwatches. It is the return to mobile devices

In our opinion it might work with all mobile OS devices as possible. Sure LG is testing some WebOS smartphones and maybe tablets to sync and connect with the WebOS smartwatch. Ready for CES 2015 ? Will see.

After all everyone have copied already most of WebOS features and services and can at this time be compatible with some kind of kudos twirks made by developers, now as LG say WebOS  is Web-Centric Platform and always was from the very begining with the Pre smartphones. 

I hope, in that way LG might pick more consumer that were WebOS Pre users that keep the smartphones and Touchpads yet,  and now have other brands but miss WebOS (Palm).

LG have succeed with WebOS on all its line of Smart TVs of every size and technology display from a simple LED to a super 4K Ultra HD even on the curved model.

LG have pulled out the site LG Developers WebOS Smartwatch after the news went out around the tech bloggers sites on the web. However on the Google cache of the site here shows a Sept 2, 2014 date and some people are saying LG might pulled it out because there are no WebOS developers on LG anymore and maybe this project is not coming to see the day light. That is a rumor.So take it with a grain of salt.

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