Monday, January 26, 2015

Eamey Primo 3 wireless headset with audio playback, activity tracking, FM Radio and SD storage.

The Eamey Primo3 is an innovative wireless headset that offers audio playback as well as activity tracking. The device is capable of streaming radio via its built-in FM module and can also store music locally via a microSD card reader. This device is perfect for people who'd rather not take their smartphone around when they go for a run. 

This functionality is impressive given the extremely low cost of the device -- currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, pledges start at just $13. The device will cost $16 once available on the market. 

The Primo3 is powered by a rechargeable 190-mAh battery which offers 24 hours of audio playback on a single charge. The wire connecting the two earpieces is made from flexible metal that snaps back into shape when the headset isn't in use.


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