Thursday, January 8, 2015

Surprise, Audi calls on stage its new car with an LG WebOS powered smartwatch. Videos. Pictures.

At CES 2015 we can find many new products that come out to the real world and maybe not, but this time the LG WebOS smartwatch was leaked on the LG developer web site some months ago and pulled out the same day it was discoverd by some curious internet surfer and posted on all technology bloggers writers around the world.

We wrote in October 2, 2014 abouta LG WebOS smartwatch in the works but LG pulled out the developer site. The before post was:

Palm WebOS refuses to die, coming on LG WebOS smartwatches. The return to mobile devices.

Maybe the reason why LG pulled out the WebOS smartwatch from its site is now clear, they found a customer AUDI from Germany manufacturer of one of the most prestigious car brands and are starting their new cars with the LG WebOS smartwatch which has many other applications built in, including apps for calendar, dialer, messages, email, and more. It even sports NFC and a cellular radio. 

Watch the LG WebOS smartwatch start an AUDI car working their Piloting driving app calling the car on stage and stopping it down and see all the pictures below of what apps the smartwatch has on several screens of it:

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