Friday, January 29, 2016

Calendar Year 2015 Global Smartphones Shipments market share: Samsung 22.7%, Apple 16.2%, Huawei 7.4%, Lenovo 5.2% and Xiaomi 4.9%

Despite Samsung still number one smartphones vendor globally with 324.8 million units shipped in 2015 , just grew up 2.1% compared with sales in 2014.

Apple went up with a 20.2% YOY Growth keeping the second spot worlwide with 231.5 millions units shipped.

The difference between both is a BIG 40.30% more shipments of Samsung than Apple. 

Huawei still growing with an extraordinary 44.3% YOY Growth. The company shipments were 106.6 millions units WW instead of 73.8  million units last year.

Lenovo and Xiaomi had a very interesting growing too, 24.5% for the first and 22.8% for the second in YOY Growth comparison.

However Lenovo and Motorola together did not go well with a minus -21.1% YOY growth. Sad for the Motorola brand that is not coming anymore in new Lenovo devices starting 2016.

It clearly seems the chinese vendors did a tremendous job in 2015 affecting both Samsung and Apple smartphones sales.  They have also relegated LG to no place at this time.


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