Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Total 2015 PC worldwide shipments market share: Lenovo 20.7%, HP 19.4%, Dell 14.1%, Apple 7.5%, says IDC.

Despite Lenovo keeps the number one position worldwide its sales has -3.6% decrease from the before year 2014, as wells as HP -5.9% ,Dell -5.9% and Acer -18.1%.

Apple is the only company who has increased their sales over the year 2014 in +6.2%

The Total worldwide PC  sales has decreased in a -10.4%. However according to IDC this situation will change in 2016.

In the USA the Total PC shipments market share keeps HP number one with 27.8%, followed by Dell 23.9%, Apple 12.8%, Lenovo 12.5% and Toshiba with 5.3%.

The total PC shipments in the USA has also decreased in - 2.6%

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