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CES 2016: XYZprinting To Expand Beyond 3D Printing Product Ecosystem.

Leader in Desktop 3D Printers Announces $269 Printers and First-Look Products for Commercial Use; Debuting Robotics, Wearables and More.

 XYZprinting, the world's leading 3D printing company, announced today that it will unveil exciting new products aimed at providing a comprehensive line of economic commercial 3D printing solutions, brand new consumer-aimed printers at sub-$300MSRP pricing, and next generation concept devices, when the brand returns to the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 
Beginning with a sample preview at CES Unveiled's pre-show event on Monday, January 4th and exhibiting throughout the entire week, XYZprinting will demonstrate and provide a first look to its new products, from eight different 3D printer models, including a sub-$300 Mini aimed at consumers, to those targeted for commercial use at higher price points as well as extending beyond 3D printing to wearable devices, robotics and more.

"XYZprinting has been assertive in breaking down the technology barriers in the consumer 3D printing market, by introducing easy-to-use devices that deliver innovative experiences to consumers at cost-effective prices," said Simon Shen, CEO of XYZprinting and New Kinpo Group. "At this year's CES, we are making an aggressive push in the B2B market by introducing new products and devices to our product ecosystem within and beyond the 3D printing ideology, while continuing the successes we've experienced with our accessible 3D printers."

New Leading 3D Printing Products in 2016:
Consumer3D Printing solutions:
  • da Vinci Mini: This ultra small device will be XYZprinting's most affordable 3D printer yet with an expected MSRP of $269, perfect for the general public. The small, but versatile 3D printer comes with Wi-Fi capabilities and also includes USB ports. Thirty percent smaller than the 2015 da Vinci Junior, this printer maintains the same build size of 5.9"x 5.9"x5.9". It is the ultimate, light-weight desktop 3D printer for those that value desk space, simplicity and portability.

  • da Vinci Junior 1.0 3-in-1: Accessible to a broad range of consumers, educators and hobbyists, the compact da Vinci Junior 1.0 3-in-1 printer, with an expected MSRP of $549, features scanning capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity. A laser engraving module is also available to consumers as an add-on accessory. By simply pressing a button, its auto-calibration feature allows users to move the da Vinci Junior 3-in-1 extruder around the print bed, while also determining the correct distances between the extruder nozzle and the print bed. This process ensures that each print comes out in the best quality possible.
  • da Vinci Junior 2.0 Mix: Bringing more color to life, the da Vinci Junior 2.0 Mix is capable of blending two colors by using a brand new, dual-extruding single nozzle that combines two filaments to create a print that gradually changes color. The da Vinci Junior 2.0 Mix has an expected MSRP of $499.
Professional 3D Printing Solutions:
  • XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 Advanced (1.0 A): As the most cost-effective stereolithography (SL Laser) 3D printer on the market, with an expected MSRP of $1,699, the Nobel 1.0 Advanced uses a laser to cure the photosensitive resin, producing higher resolution print objects with more complex geometry. The device features an X/Y-axis print resolution of 0.13mm and a Z-axis resolution up to 0.025mm, allowing users to achieve print results with astounding detail. This simple and easy to operate printer is perfect for designers wanting to achieve superior print results at an affordable cost.

  • da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1: Perfect for designers, engineers, architects, and anyone looking for a user-friendly 3D printer that can print objects at a high volume, the da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1 printer, with an expected MSRP of $899, features scanning capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity. Compatible with non-proprietary filament, users can print with any PLA or ABS thermoplastic filaments of their choice. The extruder can be switched out with the optional laser engraver add-on that allows users to engrave their designs on materials such as wood, leather, cardboard and others.
Commercial 3D Printing Solutions:
  • XYZprinting Nobel DLP: With the latest DLP technology embedded, the compact Nobel DLP is XYZprinting's fastest and most precise 3D printer, ideal for the application of jewelry, and comes at an enticing price point of $1,999 expected MSRP compared to other high-tech devices on the market. Unlike Fused Filament Fabrication printers, the Nobel DLP uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology that prints castable resin and standard resin, thus resulting in outstanding print quality. Attributed to the DLP technology, the resolutions are amazing, achieving an X/Y-axis resolution of 50 microns (0.05mm) with a layer thickness (Z-axis resolution) reaching up to 25 microns (0.025mm). For comparative purposes, a human hair is on average 75 microns!
  • XYZprinting 3D JET: As one of XYZprinting's most competitive products for 2016, the 3D JET is capable of printing small, but precise objects. The commercial printer has a dedicated print head to print support material, which makes it ideal to print movable parts or for one-print assembly projects. Using a photopolymer resin through an inkjet, similar to a standard printer, the 3D JET produces extremely high-quality prints and interlinking parts for large and small projects. The 3D JET is aimed at engineers, toy makers, entrepreneurs, project designers, and other prosumers that need a 3D printing machine that can build prototypes in great quality. With its large size printing (300mm x 150mm), the 3D JET supports high-hardness/rigidity and high-stress resin, making the 3D printer a great asset for engineering prototypes.
3D Printing Education Solutions:
  • XYZ STEAM: An online curriculum exchange program suited for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics educators to incorporate 3D printing seamlessly into the classroom. XYZprinting will offer education curriculums, discounted XYZprinting 3D printers, as well as tools to engage students in practical, real-life applications of 3D printing. Curricula consist of downloadable 3D printing models, assembly instructions, photos, videos and operation instructions that stimulate learning. Join XYZ STEAM at

  • XYZmaker: A 3D modeling app, compatible on Windows OS, with Android and iOS versions available in the second half of 2016, is perfect for young designers to edit projects intuitively in the classroom. The XYZmaker app is aimed at making 3D printing technology more accessible and providing a solution and service to expedite the process from design to print. It will be available for download at in Q1 2016.
3D Printing Accessories:
  • XYZprinting 3D Pen: XYZprinting's first 3D printing pen with an expected MSRP of $49 is great for DIY craft projects. This exciting new product has no restrictions on print size and doesn't require a computer or software to use.
  • XYZprinting Nobel Post Curing Machine: A quick-hardening and energy efficient UV chamber to work in tandem with products printed on the Nobel photosensitive, resin-based printing line. The LED lamp cycles around the printed object every 30 seconds to create a consistentstereolithography. The XYZprinting Nobel Post Curing Machine has an expected MSRP of $299.
As an added bonus, XYZprinting will feature new products from its XYZlife and XYZrobot lines. The XYZlife product line will feature the BC1, a long-term, continuous ECG monitor that integrates into consumers' clothing or as a wireless patch. The BC1 system provides users with seamless and accessible information to their body's data without time or place limitations.

 In addition, XYZprinting will unveil its new Humanoid Robot Line, Bolide, and its new smart life concept, the Smart Service Robot. Bolide is a unique DIY engineering learning kit designed to teach STEAM education in an engaging and entertaining fashion. XYZrobot's Smart Service Robot, with auto-navigation, mapping and surveillance, allows people to interact with others wirelessly and is accessible via Android systems to guide people from phones or tablets.

Consumers purchasing a XYZprinting 3D printer will have the benefit and insurance of XYZprinting's one-year free warranty, upon online product registration. Useful tutorials available via YouTube, online and phone customer service, and free design galleries and 3D models for download at also provide a cohesive, consumer-friendly experience from purchase to print.

Backed by its award-winning 3D printing product ecosystem, the XYZprinting brand has focused on widespread, cost-effective, and easy-to-use 3D printing adoption in the marketplace for 2015. XYZprinting products require no assembly or equipment adjustments, and provide a straightforward user experience.

In the past year, XYZprinting has been recognized as the leader in the 3D printing industry, having been honored with awards such as TWICE's "Best Pick" award, Digital Trends' "Top Tech of CES" award,'s "CES Editor's Choice" award, PC Mag's "Best of CES" award, COMPUTEX Taipei 2015 "Best Choice" award and Tech & Learning Magazine's "Best of ISTE 2015" award. Its 3D printers have received widespread attention and reviews from the top media influencers in business and technology, including TechCrunch, Forbes, CNET, and VentureBeat.

To learn more about XYZprinting at CES 2016 or to schedule a demo at the show, visit booth #72326 in the Sands Expo Convention Center, Halls A-C, in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2016.

About XYZprinting 
XYZprinting, a New Kinpo Group company, is dedicated to bringing cost-effective 3D printing to educators and classrooms, consumers and artists, small-to-midsized businesses, and households around the world. With proven industry expertise, XYZprinting has broken down the barriers of 3D printer ownership by providing an easy-to-use device that delivers an outstanding user experience, connected to a computer or via mobile. Its printers have won numerous other accolades within the 3D printing industry, at major industry events and with top publications. XYZprinting currently has offices in China,Japan, Korea, Thailand, the United States and Europe. To learn more, please visit


About New Kinpo Group (NKG) 
New Kinpo Group, a corporation of several subsidiaries including Cal-Comp, XYZprinting, Kinpo Electronics and AcBel, is a global electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturing (ODM) company that offers its customers lower costs, faster delivery times and world-class product quality. The company's EMS business spans multiple product lines, including storage, printers, network-attached storage (NAS), wireless and broadband, digital home, consumer electronics, wearables, 3D printing, robotics, power management and smart grid, industrial, automotive, security, medical/healthcare and emerging technologies. New Kinpo Group's network of strategically located manufacturing sites have the added benefit of allowing customers to manufacture products closer to their end customers, resulting in dramatically reduced shipping costs, lower tariffs and more cost-effective inventory management. For more information, visit

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