Friday, January 8, 2016

CES 2016: CastleOS Presents Industry Leading Voice Controlled Smart Home Hub.

Industry leaders from across the globe will be focusing their attention on CastleOS at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, and for good reason.  Smart devices for home are sure to dominate this year's CES.  CastleOS has the advanced technology to control and enhance all smart home devices, with simple voice control.

Using the power of Windows 10, consumers have a choice of two options: CastleOS software installed on their own computer, or the unique CastleOS-powered CastleHUB plug-n-play home controller.  CastleOS uses the Microsoft Kinect and/or Cortana to create a natural user interface to their smart home, allowing interactive voice control with all smart devices. 
CastleOS allows a user to monitor, control and interweave all devices into an unparalleled harmony of smart device performance.  Equally important, all functions can be monitored and controlled on any smart phone, including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows, in addition to the voice interface. 

No matter where a person is located, total control of every smart home device, from heating and lighting to security or feeding a pet, is possible with CastleOS.  Smart devices like the Nest, Phillips Hue lighting, plus devices for security, heating/AC, pet feeding and entertainment, are all manageable by CastleOS.

What really has captured the industry's attention is the CastleOS forward-thinking technology.  CastleOS has been designed to have future device capability.  As new devices enter the market, CastleOS will allow smart devices to outperform their own capabilities, work seamlessly with all brands of smart devices, and provide more true automation capabilities than any other system.  

The CastleHUB offers simple built-in entertainment features and many included apps.  Total control of all smart devices enables a more convenient and secure lifestyle, and real opportunities for energy savings. This guarantees the home owner that their CastleOS-powered system will never be outdated, and that other systems will always be playing catch-up to CastleOS.

To provide CES visitors the maximum opportunity to see the power of CastleOS firsthand, a special suite at Caesar's Palace will be opened for private demos on January 8th and 9th.  Appointments can be made now and at the show by calling (888) 599-5503.  More detailed information about the CastleHUB and CastleOS can be seen at

About CastleOS
The CastleOS system elevates the smart home into a brilliant home, enabling intelligent automation and voice control of all smart devices. CastleOS allows all smart devices to interact with each other through an intelligent platform, by breaking down barriers between various smart devices and protocols. 
Facilitating communication and coordination between devices, homeowners get greater capability from each device, and levels of intelligence unachievable without CastleOS.  Additionally, CastleOS offers the world's only whole-home voice control system, allowing individuals to interact with their home by simply speaking out loud. 

Equally important, CastleOS includes apps that work on any smartphone operating system. Incorporating forward-designed software and the CastleHUB, only CastleOS makes such advanced automation, intelligence, and voice control easy to use and available to all homes.

Steve Gusenoff 

SOURCE CastleOS Software, LLC

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