Monday, January 18, 2016

LG WebOS 3.0 obtains its first domestic security certification.

LG Electronics Web OS smart TV was recognized as secure technology.
LG Electronics has obtained a secure authentication (TTA Verified) for Smart TV platform, Web OS 3.0 from the largest field of information and communication technology security certification institute Korea Information and Communications Technology Association (Telecommunication Technology Association, more than TTA). It received national certification for security technology smart TV manufacturers and the driving environment from among the TTA is the first time for LG Electronics.
This certification means that both users and app developers can safely use LG Smart TV application of Web OS 3.0.
LG Electronics has raised safety by applying the latest security technology to prevent malicious apps.
Web OS 3.0 will produce blocking the path to find the source of apps when it is not clear and to avoid rapidly penetrate the smart TV. 
In addition, USB, My TV, even if a malicious app that flows through the external path, such as an external hard the system can  prevent the installation itself. LG Electronics has also already applied a new proprietary technology that prevents malicious activity even if the app had penetrated to the TV.
LG Electronics is also developing technology for enhanced copyright protection and peace of mind Smart TV app developers to create apps to supply applied to the Web OS 3.0.
LG Electronics's is rapidly changing IT environment and hacking technology evolution,  maintains the highest level of security technologies to respond more immediate plans.
LG Electronics hwangjeonghwan Managing Director HE  emphasized that "customers have easy and convenient and will continue to build a healthy ecosystem, so that you can enjoy Smart TV Smart safely."

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