Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hybra plans to start selling the ORB (Orbital Ring Bluetooth) headset in 2016. Prices.

Finally after some years of waiting the Hybra Advance Technology Inc (HYBRATECH) is going to start selling the ORB Orbital Ring Bluetooth headset this year 2016.

The Orb (Orbital Ring Bluetooth) is both a ring, and a wireless bluetooth headset / earpiece. When not in use, the ORB bluetooth can be worn as a finger ring, and when you need to use it as an earpiece you simply twist it open and place it on your ear.

How Does the ORB Bluetooth Work?

The ORB Bluetooth headset works by using a new surface sound conducting technology that sends sound through the soft tissue on the back of the ear; this is actually a much more accurate way of hearing, and eliminates the discomfort of placing an earpiece inside the ear itself.

When wearing the ORB Bluetooth as a ring, it will vibrate if you get a call, event reminder, or text message. With the deluxe version, you can simply glance at your ring to see the incoming message or the phone number of the caller. 

To accept the call, you simply twist the ORB open and slip it over the ear. To decline a call, you can slide your finger over the screen on the ORB Bluetooth device while it is still on your finger.

The base model will cost $229 and the deluxe models $275.

The deluxe edition includes a FOLED (Flexible Organic Light-Emitting Diode), screen that will give you caller ID and calendar reminders. The deluxe version is also planned to include voice to text ability, so that you can communicate easily without having to remove the ring from your finger.

When the ORB headset becomes available there will be many different sizes and styles to suit both men and women.

Limited-Edition, build to suit models will feature precious metals and decorative gemstones. The price of these will depend on the materials used.


The ORB has additional functionality that allows multi-modal security and connectivity to unlimited interfaces. Using a unique spring prong functionality in conjunction with voice coding, the ORB can ensure user security during all information exchange applications.

Hybra Advance Technology Inc.
12225 Stephens Road 
Warren, Michigan 48089

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