Friday, December 9, 2016

Samsung will test the market with 2 foldable smartphones models.

Samsung Electronics is developing two types of foldable Smartphones that are totally different from each other, and this development will be part of its ‘two-track strategy’.

Will test the market:

Samsung Electronics is developing ‘dual-screen’ Smartphone that use flat display on each side and foldable Smartphone that bends single flexible OLED display.

Samsung Electronics is going to examine responses from markets after releasing its dual-screen Smartphone first and introduce its foldable Smartphone after clearly showing people how to use foldable Smartphones.

Samsung will produce small amount of dual-screen Smartphones first in 2017 and examine responses from markets.

This type of Smartphone does not bend a panel itself but has a hinge in the middle and has flat display on each side. Because it does not have separate display when it is folded, it is more like a tablet rather than a Smartphone.

In foldable and Out foldable:

“In-foldable Smartphone is seen as a first type of a foldable Smartphone.” said an expert in this industry.

“Out-foldable Smartphone is the next step of in-foldable Smartphone.” 

This indicates that Samsung Electronics already secured a technology that can develop in-foldable Smarphones and has also secured a technology that can develop out-foldable Smartphones.

When an out-foldable Smartphone is folded, OLED panels are placed in the front and the back. Panels also work at the part where it is bent, and this Smartphone can be used as a tablet when it is not folded. Foldable Smartphone that LENOVO introduced in August is also an out-foldable Smartphone.

Samsung Electronics is however thinking deeply about timing to introduce its foldable Smartphones. It is understood that its foldable display technology has reached certain level. 

Samsung Electronics’ competitors are also working rapidly on development of foldable Smartphones. China’s LENOVO and OPPO and Japan’s JDI introduced a prototype of a foldable Smartphone and a dual-screen Smartphone respectively. It is heard that Taiwan’s AUO supplied panels to LENOVO for its foldable Smartphones.

“After looking at a video of LENOVO’s foldable Smartphone, it seems that it is still too early for LENOVO to start mass-producing its Smartphones as they are not perfected yet from performance aspect.” said a representative for an industry.

“Samsung Electronics is still thinking deeply about release date of its foldable Smartphones as its goal is to introduce innovative product with high level of perfection to markets faster than its competitors.”

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