Thursday, December 1, 2016

Taiwan: Asustek plans to officially launch Zenbo robots in late 2016.

Asustek Computer has officially kicked off its Zenbo robot developer program with the release of the Zenbo software development kit (SDK) and Zenbo developer tools, according to the company.

With the Zenbo SDK, developers can control many of Zenbo's capabilities, including active mobility, 3D vision detection, facial expressions, gestures, and verbal communication, to create their own apps.

The Zenbo SDK consists of DDE Editor, App Builder, and Story Editor. DDE Editor helps developers design and test their apps, and also serves as a platform for publishing app dialog scripts. 

App Builder's visual programming logic interface improves application development efficiency as well as letting developers easily control Zenbo's actions, expressions, sensors, and other functions.

The Story Editor provides a software framework and timeline based interface that enables developers to create and edit stories for Zenbo.

Asustek plans to officially launch Zenbo robots in the Taiwan market before year-end 2016.

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