Saturday, April 7, 2018

LG patented a foldable smartphone with two displays, two headphone jacks and two batteries.

The patent was requested by LG Electronics on September 28, 2016 and was made public in April 5, 2018. The patent entitled 'mobile terminal' describes a smartphone with two displays, both of which consist of a flat display and a curved display.

mobile terminal: outside a smartphone the patented technology can also be used on a tablet, laptop, multimedia player or wearable.

The documentation speaks about the possibility of positioning the display on the inside or outside. On the majority of the illustrations, the displays are placed on the outside, technically this is probably easier to implement because of the relatively larger angle of rotation. Nevertheless, the screen will need extra protection against scratches and bumps.

With the LG model it is also possible to watch two different videos with two people. When the smartphone is fully opened, a different video can be shown on each display.

Users can both set up a headset, because the phone has a dual headphone connection. Both enclosures have one headset connection, so that users can better shut themselves off from their environment and do not burden each other. For example, one user can play a music or make a phone call, with or without a video image, while the other user plays a video or views an incoming email notification.

The foldable smartphone comes with a dual display and a curved display. The screen can be positioned on the front or rear side of the device. Two different designs are shown, in both cases the two housings are connected through a hinge. Due to the use of a curved display, additional functionalities can be displayed on the side of the phone.

Each area of ​​a display is activated according to angle between both displays. In fully unfolded position the user can use the two displays as one large screen. As soon as the device is slightly folded, the two displays will be able to function independently or each other. In addition, the user retains the ability to use the two displays as a child or book, where you can easily turn a page.

The first display has a fingerprint sensor built-in and a digital camera. The second housing also features a digital camera, this is a dual camera or a 3D camera. More surprisingly is the use of two batteries, both housings are provided with a battery.

In addition, the foldable smartphone from LG also features a dual headphone jack, making it an ideal phone for gamers and multimedia lovers. Two people can watch a different video on each screen, each with their own audio.

patent in pdf

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