Thursday, April 5, 2018

Samsung is developing the Galaxy S9 Lite code name A-Star and unknown mid-range phone G8850ZCU0ARD1.

Samsung Galaxy S9 mini or Lite? (Concept)

In our yesterday post we wrote about a mini Galaxy S9 probably coming with model number SM-G8750 and some specifications from GeekBench site , information that you can find in this post

Today from a korean website chat the news  say that Samsung has confirmed that it is developing the code name A-Star Galaxy S9 Lite model.

We don`t know if Samsung will call the mini Galaxy S9 version as Galaxy S9 Lite instead or if it is another new version of the S9. Time will tell. We will follow these news and keep you updated.

Source: bbs.ruliweb

On the same korean site on a different chat a member says the following: It has been confirmed that a mid-range Samsung phone that has not yet been confirmed as G8850ZCU0ARD1  is under development.

China teckie girl @MMDDJ_ also tweeted about it.

Source: bbs.ruliweb

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