Thursday, April 12, 2018

LG WebOS Smart TVs now include HULU Live TV.

LG USA announced yesterday the availabilty of HULU Live TV on its WebOS Smart TVs for 2018. 2017 models and select 2016 models.

Suported LG models you can check on the list below and the Press release after that.

Supported LG models
Apr 10, 2018

The Hulu application is available on a range of current and previously-available LG TVs and Blu-ray players. See below for details on which Hulu features and services your specific model supports.

The latest Hulu application is available on these LG smart TV's:

All TVs with WebOS 3.5 or higher
Select devices with WebOS 3.0 – not including the B6, UH6350, and UH6330 models, or the UH77, UH76, and UH61 series
Any LG television powered by Roku TV

With the latest Hulu app, you can watch the Hulu streaming library, live TV, premium networks like HBO, Cinemax, and SHOWTIME, as well as get access to the latest Hulu features. Learn more about signing up for Hulu or adding these options to your current subscription.

The classic Hulu app is also available on earlier LG TV models with WebOS 2.0 or higher, as well as the following TVs and Blu-ray Players:


All Hulu subscribers can log in on these devices to watch shows and movies from the Hulu streaming library. Live programming and other features (such as My Stuff, HBO, or Cinemax) will not be available.

Not Sure?
You can check LG's website for information about your specific TV model. Or, you can locate the model or serial number in the following locations:

On the back of the unit
By pressing the mute button 3 times to display the model information
Older models can press the Home button on their remote and select Settings or Setup > Support Menu > Product/Service Info – and then press OK
 Still need help? Contact Us

Check this information on HULU Help Center

Press Release:
LG Adds Hulu With Live TV To Select Smart TVs, Offers Advanced Home Cinematic Experience.

Updated UI on LG's Smart TVs Provides More Live Content Options than Ever Before.

LG Electronics USA announced that LG's award-winning smart TVs now include Hulu with Live TV, offering consumers even greater content options and enhanced viewing experiences within the modern living room. Beginning today, the updated user interface (UI) is available on all 2018 and 2017 LG Smart TVs with webOS, as well as select 2016 models.*

As interest in streaming live events continues to rise, we are offering LG smart TV owners a seamless solution that enables them to experience today's pivotal cultural moments as they are happening from the comfort of their own home," said Matthew Durgin, director of smart TV content partnerships at LG Electronics USA.

Hulu with Live TV offers viewers access to live and on-demand programming from over 50 top channels, in addition to the service's robust on-demand streaming library with thousands of movies and shows. Hulu's live offering gives viewers access to personal-ized sports experiences, as well as the opportunity to record live TV through the Cloud DVR option. Current LG TV customers with Hulu subscriptions may enjoy Hulu with Live TV by updating their subscription plan.

The 2018 LG Smart TVs with webOS are now available with the updated UI and access to Hulu with Live TV at retailers nationwide. For more information, please visit

* Among LG's 2016 smart TV lineup, the LG SIGNATURE OLED G6, LG OLED E6, LG OLED C6, LG SUPER UHD UH9500 and LG SUPER UHD UH8500, in addition to the LG UH6500 series LCD models and UH6300 series LCD models will support Hulu with Live TV.

SOURCE LG Electronics USA

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