Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 mini DualSIM SM-G8850, stops by TENAA. Specifications.

If you notice on the above pictures this Samsung SM- G8850 smartphone looks like the premium Galaxy S9 Plus with two back cameras but with a flat infinity display that goes according to the new Samsung strategy to make mid range smartphones with not curved infinity displays like already did with the Galaxy A8/A8+ 2018 which have dual front cameras instead.

By the way TENAA is the China version of the FCC in the USA.

We were thinking about the Samsung SM-G8750 that stopped by GEEKBENCH last week with no pictures yet that it might be the Galaxy S9 mini but with one mini SIM card, because the SM-G8850 we are talking about now here, is a dual sim smartphone.

5.8 inch screen/5.6 rounded. AMOLED
3000 mAH Battery
Dual SIM card
Octa Core 2.8GHz
Android 8.0
Dual cameras 8 MP each
expansion card up to 256GB
Video shooting support 1080p
colors: black and blue

Source: TENAA via gizchina

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Samsung is developing the Galaxy S9 Lite code name A-Star and unknown mid-range phone G8850ZCU0ARD1.

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